Another One Bifurcation Diagram Coal Dust I Wish I Knew Mandelbrot Mandelbrot 2 Mandelbrot 3 Mandelbrot Detail Rule30 Rule45 Sierpinski Carpet 3000 Sierpinski Glimmer Sierpinski Lsd Sierpinski Triangle 1200 Star 1200 Unexpected Unexpected 2 Unexpected 3 Unexpected 3 Small Wave
I was learning JavaScript, and got side-tracked using the canvas element to plot graphs, cellular automata and other Chaos theory/mathy stuffs.
My project work is suffering but this is just too much fun.

There are some actual scripts/source overhere, some are linked with the images, I'll sort it all out, one bright, beautiful day.

<-- Them's links.

(when I first read about these things, bloody ages ago, I *also* missed loads of sleep over playing with them and the computer,
but then it was calculating and drawing bifurcation diagrams by hand, and using the computer to write notes. Good times..)
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