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TextMate slowed down all of a sudden.
Apparently its preview window tries to keep itself uptodate with JavaScript code edits as well, so every time I inserted a number or even space, it'd render the preview again.
Obviously I had to play with that.
By tweaking values you could make it zoom in and pan, and by increasing the number of iterations the image improved.
Slow, yes - but navigating the Mandelbrot set, just by changing stuff in a text editing window without even saving? Not bad, I say.
And after all those years of browsing full-colour Chaos graphics books - it was still unexpectedly beautiful.

All the images below are at the same coordinates (x0 = -1.228 + (0.002/width)*i; y0 = 0.166 - (0.002/height)*j;), the only thing that changes is the number of iterations. Top left: 90, bottom right: 2000 (75 and lower, the picture is basically black).
No way to automatically save the image as well (well, I haven't really searched for it yet..), I just made a bunch of screenshots and pulled up the quicklook grid.