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Array array2xml($array) arrayColumnSort() array_map_keys($callback, $array, [$args, ..]) array_remove($array, $string) array_transpose($arr) array_unshift_assoc(&$arr, $key, $val) ascii_table($array) + colors dump_array($array, $indent=2) get_column($array, $col_name) implode_keys($glue, $array, $delim='=') key_unnest($arr, $first_only=false) lsp, lpath make_array(&$thing) stripLeadingNonUnique($array, &$leadingString=null) stripslashes_array($array) unnest_array(&$arr, $return=false) 16 found



What you see here is a growing collection of functions/stuff I've collected and created over the years.
I've put them online so they're at hand wherever I do PHP stuffs, and to have a place that will always have the latest versions of them (theoretically).
You can redistribute and/or modify most (some are not mine) functions and source code offered here under the terms of the GNU
General Public License, available at
If I didn't write it, it should mention a source url.

Then, there's non-PHP stuff like TextMate commands, Linux tricks & URLs, mod-rewrite & regex, some ancient shellscripts (don't use),
Firefox config settings, OS X tricks, etc etc..

This being the first re-write, I added some shortcuts: j/k for next/previous function in the (found) list, f(ind) to jump to the search box.
When clicking a category, it should still be focused after the page load for easier kb navigation.
In the URL, replacing the id by qs prints just the function in plaintext, like this: funcs.php?qs=264.

M. Spreij <>

PS. apologies for some functions being way out of date.. the higher their id, the more trustworthy they are :-)