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Javascript * Readme Array functions Array.indexOf(obj) Array.min, Array.max Array.random Canvas stuff clean(node) copyToElement(e, elemId) Datetime: now() Edit -> list refresh event_coords(e) Example: input_current_timestamp(box) get_selection() hugImage() jQuery: dynamic TOC jQuery: filter tables jQuery: isScrolledIntoView(elem) jQuery: lock/unlock input fields jQuery: popup thing jQuery: Scrolling background image jQuery: scrollTo(selector) jQuery: sort by sub-element value jQuery: sort by sub-element value 2 jQuery: tabs in textarea jQuery: up/down to in/decrement value jQuery: • misc Math functions Math.round(number, precision) MongoID to date thing parse_query(str) selectToDatalist(element) str2assoc($string, $del=":", $le="\n") str2assoc(string, del, le) String methods TinyMCE config todo list colors utf8_decode(), base64_en/decode() var_dump(ob) 39 found

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